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Photograph Direction: The Joy Lab

THE JOY LAB, a skincare brand initiated by Joyce Kitamura, a Brazilian influencer, aims to bring joy to its users through the exceptional performance of products crafted in a laboratory with the best existing technology.

SOAR NY took charge of branding the logo design and package design for their first product launch. The concept of the logo design is “Crosswalk,” which draws inspiration from the intersection of two distinct paths significant for the brand — “Joy” and “Lab.” Hoping the users to experience carefree moments of joy, THE JOY LAB unites diverse paths in its formulations, pursuing an approach more laborious and long to achieve. Consequently, the product crosses two paths of ingredients, combining both synthetic and natural elements at the crosswalk. These ingredients are all meticulously manufactured in a cutting-edge laboratory, ensuring the creation of the safest and most effective formulations, backed by extensive research.