SAKE HUNDRED Holiday 2022

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Package Design

Motion Graphics: Kakeru Mizui
Photography: Kosuke Matsuo
Music: Black Cat White Cat Music

SAKE HUNDRED is a start-up brand whose corporate philosophy is to change the conventional values of SAKE, a goal that no one has ever attempted before.
Japanese SAKE was born about 2000 years ago; It’s an alcoholic beverage created from using traditional methods rooted in the climate, culture, and lifestyle of the place where the raw material, rice, is produced. In recent years, SAKE brewing techniques have evolved to create a wide variety of SAKE types, however from a branding perspective, only available designs are traditional and classic. Additionally, SAKE is distributed at a very low price in Japan, despite the fact that the production process is complex and can only be made by experienced SAKE makers. It’s extremely rare to find luxury SAKE as opposed to fine wine or fine whisky.

SAKE HUNDRED partnered up with Japan’s best SAKE producers to pioneer a business model that is nearly the first of its kind in Japan, delivering the highest quality SAKE in a luxurious point of view. Therefore, we adopted a champagne bottle for the package, advocated a new SAKE drinking style with a wine glass, and the label design was finished in a modern, high-quality graphic design.

Since this is a limited-edition product celebrating Japanese New Year, we were inspired by the traditional Japanese festival colors and since each SAKE has a flavor reminiscent of flowers, we sublimated the floral motif into a modern and sophisticated design.