SAKE HUNDRED Holiday 2022

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Package Design

Motion Graphics: Kakeru Mizui
Photography: Kosuke Matsuo
Music: Black Cat White Cat Music

Sake has been consumed by Japanese people for about 2000 years. Despite the fact that the production process is extremely complex and requires a high level of craftsmanship and experience, it has been treated as a common drink and sold at a low price point. However, SAKE HUNDRED believes that truly delicious sake is as valuable as wine or whiskey, and the brand was created to spread the experience of sake tasting around the world.

The taste, aroma, production method, and package design all make for a completely different experience compared to traditional sake.
The pandemic has prevented us from spending the holiday season with our loved ones for a few years. As the pandemic subsided towards yearend in 2022, Japan has been released from self-isolation mood for the first time in a long time.

This holiday package was designed colorfully to celebrate the festive mood. The package was designed to be something that would be placed on the table to brighten the mood, spark conversations, or be given as a holiday gift to someone special. Modern Japanese-ness was also one of the design themes.