Vietnam Honey

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Package Design

Illustration: DONA

This was a product branding project for a Vietnamese honey brand, Mekong Megumi, to be released in Japan for a limited time. To proceed with this project, we first visited the factory in Vietnam.

The new honey offered in the Japanese market would come from four different flowers: longan, lychee, rambutan, and coffee. The client wanted to differentiate between these four types of honey in recognizable package designs – the actual taste and aroma of the products were completely different depending on which flower each honey came from, and each was unique.

The bright fruits and healthy greens seen in Vietnam were expressed in a straight-forward design while differentiating between four distinct flavor profiles.
The target customer for this honey product was Japanese women in their 20’s and 30’s, therefore, suggested that gift demand should not be overlooked, and produced a gift box and a handbag.