Art Direction

Creative Direction: Shimpei Takagi
Copy Writing: Gen Kogusuri
Photography: Kosuke Matsuo
Project Management: Ryuya Narita

This was a newspaper ad art direction project for SAKE HUNDRED. It appeared in the Yomiuri Shimbun and in the Nikkei Shimbun in Japan.

The project began with SAKE HUNDRED’s belief that while the existence of alcohol itself is being threatened by the pandemic, the essential value and role of alcohol would not change.
The main copy, “Akeru wa Ikiru,” means ‘to open is to live’ which ties to the concept – To open a drink/store or to open a new chapter in life, openings often represent new positive moments, therefore, we selected this main copy.

We believe that if we keep moving forward in spite of difficulties, no matter how dark the night may be, a new beautiful day will come again.
The visuals needed an imposing appearance to match the strong and intentional message. The project was shot in Brooklyn, meetings were held remotely, and the submission was finalized in Japan.