Concept Development
Creative Direction
Art Direction

Photography: Kosuke Matsuo
Flower Arrangement: Eriko Nagata
Copy Writing: Joanna Nishimoto

SOLOTEX® is a fabric material maker that provides a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and offers vivid colors-advantages that could never be achieved with polyester, polyurethane or nylon alone. The material is also easy to combine with other fibers, bringing out the characteristics of the other fiber while adding a new texture and new functionality. SOLOTEX® is a fiber with unlimited potential to make textile products more comfortable and luxurious.

The Strategy: In order to maximize client brand market value and to attract more luxury fashion brands, SOAR NY was tasked to redesign their key visuals. Our strategy was to focus on the beauty of the materials instead of its functionalities and specifications which has rarely been done by fabric manufactures in the past.

Creative Direction: Our creative direction focused on three key components of their material: stretch, softness, and form-retention. To give it a luxurious look, we incorporated flowers to mimic charactristics of each components. For stretch fabric we shot flowers elongated in the background, for softness fabric we used soft focused for flowers in the background, and for form-retention we showcased the waves of the fabric with leaves and the smooth fabric with blurred flowers.

This brochure was created for Première Vision New York event, one of the largest fabric trade shows for fashion professionals.