Art Direction

Creative Direction: Dai Fujiwara
Photography: Mote Sinabel Aoki
Hair & Makeup: Miyako Okamoto
Production: INVIinc.
Produce: Mika Ishii

These posters were created for the LINK OF LIFE Exhibition held at Shiseido Head Office in Ginza, Tokyo. We conceived that even everyday objects have creative potential when seen from a new perspective. These posters were made by cutting the images of a person, fruit, cosmetic product, ice cream, and others horizontally in half, then putting the upper and lower sections of the images of two different items together. Thus, two unrelated designs were linked, and a completely new story was created.

We believe these were the most suitable artworks for the LINK OF LIFE Exhibition because the exhibition’s concept was that the LINK between researchers, companies, and brands would give rise to new possibilities far beyond their imagination.