Aging = Passage of Time

Art Direction

Creative Direction: Dai Fujiwara
Photography: Mikiya Takimoto
Styling: Sachiko Ito
Hair & Makeup: Kenji Toyota, Teruaki Shinjyo
Produce: Mika Ishi

These were posters for an exhibition themed “aging,” hosted by SHISEIDO. People in Japan usually associate aging with anti-aging skin care products. However, this exhibition was about exploring the future of aging, so we tried to express aging in a different way from conventional methods.

We began by creating elaborate figures that represent various age groups, because aging is not an issue just for the elderly but for people of all ages, from children to adults. Therefore, our idea was conceived: Aging = Passage of Time. In the photo shoot, we made the shadows of the figures move like a sundial to show the passage of time, to put aging in a new light.