Creative Direction
Communication Strategy
Photo Direction (1st Anniversary Campaign)

US Assets are made by Yohana US Creative Team
Art Direction: Natsuki Isa, Kazushige Takebayashi (SHA inc.)
Copy Writing: Mika Kunii
Photograph: Keisuke Ono, Isao Nishiyama
Film Direction: Takuya Demura
Illustration: Hiroaki Seto, Matt Blease
Props: Miyuki Oishi
Food: Midori Moniwa
Hair & Makeup: Tetsuya Tanaka
Wardrobe: Yoppy
Production: Toshiki Aihara, Ryodai Nakajima, Yoichi Sekine, Kyoko Kawasaki, Yuta Saito, Shun Chinen (BB media)

Yohana is a Silicon Valley startup that acts as a family concierge for busy families juggling work and family life, providing personalized suggestions based on the user’s family situation and staying close to them on a daily basis.

After launching in Seattle in 2021, Yohana now offers its services throughout the United States. SOAR NY was in charge of the entire branding process for Yohana’s Japan launch, including branding message development, communication design, key visuals, video production, and social media direction.

We were tasked to translate and communicate the culture of outsourcing, which is common in the US, such as daily cooking, cleaning and laundry, to Japan where people are not familiar with relying on others. By working closely with the Yohana team in both the US and Japan, we were able to understand the cultural differences and developed effective communication strategy for the Japanese market.