SHISEIDO 150th Anniversary

Art Direction

Executive Direction: Masato Kosukegawa
Creative Direction: Shoko Yoshida
Copy Writing: Noriko Matsubara, Mike Burns
Design: Ririko Sano
CG Design: Mei Konishi
Produce: Tomoko Miyaoka, Miho Mochizuki, Kaori Tabata
Account: Mariko Yamazaki, Takashi Mizuno
Website: Hakuhodo I-Studio

Upon SHISEIDO’s 150th anniversary, the company developed a website as an internal communication tool for SHISEIDO employees around the world. Looking back over the past 150 years of SHISEIDO’s history, the brand has challenged new beauty standards that didn’t exist in the world, such as launching soda fountains, bright red lotion, and proposing progressive images of women. This 150th anniversary was the new beginning of the next 150 years of taking on new challenges, rather than looking back at the past. The website was entitled, HAJIMARI, which means ‘beginning’ in Japanese.
For visual direction, the cover art for the website was created to evoke feelings of the moment when morning comes, the moment of flowers about to bloom, the moment of cosmic big-bang, and the moment of a drop of water bursting – all of which suggest a new story that is about to begin.