Creative Direction
Art Direction

Product Design: Yuka Nagasaki
Product Development: dricos
Copywriting: Dimitrios Petsas, Mike Burns

The world’s first smart aroma diffuser that configures a custom scent based on your stress level.

SHISEIDO, a Japanese cosmetics company, lagged behind its competitors in the field of IT and was seeking innovative ideas for using technology that could expand its existing business areas.
In Japan, people have been spending more time at home in recent years as they choose to work from home and shop online, and our survey reveals a need for enriching the time spent at home.

First, we spotted that the Japanese home fragrance market was growing rapidly. We knew from our research that scent could affect the autonomic nervous system, sharpening the brain, or relaxing the mind. So, we’ve devised an aroma diffuser that releases a customized scent to best fit varying physical conditions. Scent has the power to lull you into a deep sleep or make you more focused at work.

BliScent is an exceptional device made with two technologies: One senses the autonomic nervous system and accesses the stress level by measuring your heart rate and fluctuations in heartbeat intervals with an app. The other involves blending and configuring a custom scent instantly. Necessary amounts of aromatics are released from a cartridge that contains six different aromas, according to the program. Here, you can see the culmination of SHISEIDO’s years of fragrance research and application of the unique algorithm. Thus, the “smart aroma diffuser that configures a custom scent based on your stress level” was born.
Almost all aroma diffusers currently available only allow you to choose one choice in terms of your preferred scent. BliScent, however, can blend more than 3,000 unique scents, as of December 2016, and moreover, it learns from your feedback to blend the scent you like best. The idea and its embodiment is a world first, and we believe that BliScent brings innovation to the home fragrance industry. The device idea is currently Patent Pending. (The prototype of BliScent is already in use, and its effects can be guaranteed.)